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Why Buy Pearl Jewelry ?

Certainly diamonds are a girl's best friend but as an alternative eye-catching look, one only has to observe the powerful women in business and politics today. In public appearances each has used pearl jewelry as a part of a "politically correct" attire and thereby made a statement as to her distinctive taste. Beautiful pearls are less expensive than diamonds but can be just as impressive. Thus the answer is simply . . . VALUE.


Quality Workmanship

All jewelry shown on is designed and executed by Penelope. She carefully . . .

- - selects the most luminous, reasonably priced pearls from her suppliers in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

- - designs each necklace, bracelet or earring using a provocative blending of pearls with other natural gems and minerals.

- - reams each pearl before stringing to assure that rough edges from the original drilling don't abrade the silk cord and cause undue wear.

- - knots between pearls in the classic manner to cushion them and protect against loss in rare cases of strand breakage.

The workmanship is precise and each item is a work of art which will enhance the beauty of the wearer. When purchasing Penelope's work, be assured that you will receive quality jewelry at a fair price.


Cultured Pearls (CP)

Cultured pearls are gemstones with an inner glow and radiance. They fall into two general categories - Freshwater and Saltwater. China is the main source of Freshwater CP; sources of Saltwater CP are Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Freshwater CP are more plentiful and, thus, less expensive than Saltwater CP. Whatever your choice, Penelope "signs" her cultured pearl necklaces and bracelets with a small "P " charm as evidence of her meticulous work in producing jewelry for you. For more information on Cultured Pearls, click HERE and/or use the internet links provided at the left.


Imitation Pearls

Imitation pearls at first glance appear to be the "real thing". They offer a rich look for a small cost. Penelope uses two types of imitation pearls - Swarovski and Czech. Swarovski pearls start with a crystal bead and Czech pearls, a solid glass bead. Each process is finished with an organic-based iridescent material. For more information on Imitation pearls, please use the Internet for a Google search.



"Findings" is the term used for metal hardware that is used to create jewelry. In particular, there are clasps (for necklaces, bracelets & cluster pendants), ear wires (for drop earrings), posts (for stud earrings), and bails (for drop pendants). Metals used for this hardware are Sterling Silver, Vermeil, Gold-Filled, 14K Gold and 18K Gold. For more information on these metals, use the internet links shown at the left. Necklace Categories

Classic - length 16-39 inches; pearls appear almost touching but are separated by knots and/or beads.

Station - length 16-39 inches; pearls are regularly spaced at intervals along a ribbon, cord or silk thread.

Choker - length 14-16 inches typically in Classic format.

Rope - length 40 or more inches used with various formats.

Fashion - like Station format but with smaller pearls or beads between stations.

Versatile - same as Classic format AND with a unique 7-ways-to-wear clasp.

Exquisite - same as Classic format AND with pearls of higher quality.

Magnificent - same as Classic format AND with pearls of highest quality. Bracelet Categories

Classic - length 6.5-8 inches; pearls appear almost touching but are separated by knots and/or beads.

Charm - length 6.5-8 inches; pearls appear as charms in fixed positions. Earring Categories

Stud - attaches to ear lobe via a metal Post

Drop - length 1-3 inches including Ear Wire

Chandelier - length 3 inches approximate


Cultured Pearls - Care & Handling

The life and beauty of your pearl jewelry can be prolonged by following some basic guidelines as follows:

1 - Avoid contact with perfume and hairspray

2 - Put pearls on last after applying makeup

3 - Take pearls off first to prevent clothing snags

4 - After wearing, wipe pearls with a clean, soft cloth

5 - Protect pearls by storing in a soft cloth bag

6 - Have pearls restrung when they become loose to the touch or silk cord discolors


* * * * * * * * * * P O L I C I E S * * * * * * * * * *


Inquiry/Order______________________________ Back-to-Top

Please e-mail Penelope via the Contact screen information and include the item number in which you are interested. She will then correspond with you about your request. If current offerings do not meet your needs, custom orders are welcomed including the restringing of your own pearls.


Payment___________________________________ Back-to-Top

Payment mailed to our P.O. Box (see Contact screen) is typically in the form of a personal check but may also be done by Money Order. Your purchase will be mailed after your payment has cleared our bank. A final e-mail will be sent to you with the invoice detailing shipping date, purchase price, discounts (if applicable), mailing cost, optional insurance and sales tax.


Shipping___________________________________ Back-to-Top

Unless otherwise requested, we will use standard USPS Priority Mail with an expected arrival time of 1-3 business days. Purchases over $100 will not be charged a shipping fee if the address is within the continental United States. For shipments to U.S. military APO/FPO addresses, shipping is FREE for purchases of $50 or more. When a shipping fee applies, the actual amount charged by the USPS (or other shipping company used) becomes the fee charged to you. There is no handling fee.


Insurance__________________________________ Back-to-Top

Insurance is the responsibility of the buyer and recommended to protect against loss or damage in shipping.


Guarantee__________________________________ Back-to-Top

In the unlikely event your jewelry breaks under normal wearing conditions in the first year after purchase, Penelope will repair it free of charge. We reserve the right to examine and determine the cause of the breakage. If this is NOT found to be a defect in material, we will determine a fair price to make the repair and notify you for approval. See Return below if you want to send the item back.


Return____________________________________ Back-to-Top

If you are not satisfied with the jewelry, please contact Penelope (see Contact screen) before returning it to us. Shipping costs are your responsibility. Assuming the jewelry is returned in its original condition within 14 days, you have the option of a full purchase refund or an alternative selection of equal value. See Guarantee above if you are seeking a repair.


Privacy ____________________________________ Back-to-Top

All of your personal information will be protected and kept confidential. Credit information will be retained 30 days for possible order return and then shredded.