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Creating distinctive pearl jewelry for a fair price is my passion; satisfying each customer is my goal.  Each unique item is signed as a promise of quality.  Look for my signature " P " charm on every cultured pearl necklace and bracelet.


Penelope is a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Pearls graduate and continues to pursue education and training in the Jewelry Arts.  In September 2008, she received her Accredited Jewelry Professional diploma from GIA.

Artistic Background

As a child, Penelope learned the needle arts while spending summer vacations with her grandmother, a tailor.  After college, she learned much about jewelry design from her father who was a lapidarian and goldsmith.  While his beautiful work won him much acclaim, Penelope gained an appreciation of what made his finished pieces superior to others.  Attention to detail along with a sense of good composition and design are her legacy from these influences.